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Children's Books by Ramona Wood

Telling stories with pictures and words

 New Release: Kids' Book of Bible Feast Days

In writing “Manners & Tips for Caring Kids” Ramona Wood created the book she needed as a child—and searched for as a parent. Now she brushes up on her manners alongside her grandchildren as she reads this book with them.

It’s not just about manners. It’s the meaning behind the manners!

It’s about thinking…instead of just acting. It’s also:

• A Love Quiz.

• 9 colorfully-illustrated Fruit of the Spirit sections--with specific ways to put each fruit into action every day.

• 27-plus clues you’re on the right track.

• 16 pastel drawings of kids bearing good—and not-so-good—fruit in their lives.

• 42 tips on how to act in public—including how not be technologically rude!

• 3 true-story panels of young people who kept their cool: How they survived prison, harsh times and even death threats—using patience, faithfulness and respect.

It’s 32 pages of sidebars, scriptures and tips to stop problems before they start.

Today’s kids have every choice imaginable. Here is an option that can serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Note: This book is for school-aged kids around 6 and up. It's never to early--or too late--to learn good manners!

Paperbacks are at by clicking the link below:

This book is available in paperback at for around $11.

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